Tien Giang is investing in constructing the General Hospital with total amount of 2.350 billions VND, in which Government Bonds is 1.750 billions VND and the rest is local Counterpart fund. The construction located on a 23.000m2 ground area, where construction area is more than 19.000m2. The Hospital consists of 10-floor four-function complex blocks, which total construction ground area is up to 81.800m2. 

The commencement of the construction process was in February 2018, though this has been suffering from many difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still on its track and has been operating strictly. Until now, the main and important construction stages have almost been completed, and Research and Application Center for Construction technology (REACTEC) is also taking part in inspecting and checking cracks of the construction to make sure that the construction meets its quality, in order to promote finishing the final steps of the project. Cracks inspection work takes an important role in guaranteeing the solidity and quality of the structure, therefore it maintain the project’s safety and strength. Moreover, hospital is also a place where its structure quality has to be taken seriously and stay away from any mistake or abnormality due to the high demand of patients in a long-term. 


Engineers of REACTEC are checking cracks at the construction  

Building this Tien Giang Province Gerenal Hospital is extremely neccessary while the medical system network in this Province is becoming overload with high quantity of patients keep increasing constantly, as well as degraded facilities, which both make the medical network here becomes overloaded. 

The new General Hospital with modern equipment will improve those difficulties as above, not only by meeting the need of local residence in taking care of their health, but also by reducing the high load for other hospital in the area. This project is expected to improve the process of health check and treatment for patient inside and outside Tien River area. 

Recently, during the lock down restrictions in many big cities because of the pandemic, the constructing unit and engineers of REACTEC working at this site construction are trying their best to both following the Government Directive 16 and speeding up project completion and acceptance. 

Source: http://tiengiang.gov.vn/chi-tiet-tin?/xay-dung-moi-benh-vien-a-khoa-tinh-tien-giang/18012311

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