Research and Application Center for Construction technology  provide our customer with the planning and inspecting contruction’s quality services based on the rules of relevant Management Department and under the Law. In addition to our expertise, experience and deep understanding about structure, quality of construction as well as materials for construction is an unmissable aspect that the Investor should consider when choosing the most suitable Bidder to guarantee their on-going investment. 

There are many fields of inspecting the quality of construction, included: in-use construction; disrepair construction; construction which was stopped building, now restart constructing; construction have problems (due to constructing, supervision, design); construction which is in depute (between the parties for construction quality or there is a request for quality assessment from state management agencies, courts, …). Eventhough this inspection work plays an important role in guaranteeing that the construction is in its best condition, some Investors still underestimate the danger that low-quality construction may cause. Therefore, the work of inspecting building materials, construction products and components; structural construction are important activities that help the Investor test, determine quality or damage reasons of construction products and that should be operated frequently.  

As a result, detailed and careful construction’s quality inspection process is a necessary method to minimize the damage rate that can be caused to any construction or building. From supervising and inspecting at the beginning of construction till its accomplish, all the process should be operated strictly and rigidly in order to make sure that the construction is in good condition and bring the long-term benefit for the Investor. In conslusion, not only the appearance of the construction but also the solidity and safety inside are the key for the door of all values and success that every construction company aims for.

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